The Directory of Directors

The Definitive Source on Top Companies & Executives in Canada
In today’s busy world, those who win are those who “work smarter, not harder.” Streamline the time you’d spend researching top Canadian executives and companies with the Financial Post Directory of Directors. This user-friendly title allows you to access critical information for roughly 16,500 executives and directors from Canada’s top 1,500 corporations. Regularly updated, the Directory offers the most up-to-date list available of the directorships and offices held by significant Canadian business people. It also includes a list of leading Canadian companies, company names, address information, phone and fax numbers and web addresses, as well as the names of their executive officers and directors.

In Directory of Directors online you’ll find:

  • Personal listings including first name, last name, gender, birth date, degrees, schools attended, executive position and directorships, previous positions held and main business address.
  • Company listings including boards of directors and executive officers, head office address, phone and fax numbers, toll-free number, web and email addresses.
  • An industrial classification index and a geographic location index.

The Directory is a valuable resource for sales and marketing professionals, government officials, journalists, not-for-profits, librarians, reference specialists, employment agencies and anyone else with a vested interest in the Canadian business landscape.

This authoritative compendium is available in hardcover print or online via CIRC. Whereas the print edition is verified and updated annually, ongoing changes are added to the database, available for online access on a monthly basis.

Directory of Directors online is cross-searchable with Grey House Publishing Canada's other best-selling directories. In addition, users have the option to export much needed organization and contact information to easily generate contact or mailing lists at an additional cost.

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