FP Equities - Preferreds & Derivatives

Solid information on companies operating in Canada's capital markets is gathered in this one outstanding resource from the Financial Post that guides sound investment strategies.

FPequities: Preferreds & Derivatives presents a wealth of information sorted and rated for easy access in the following sections:

Preferred Shares, lists outstanding publicly and privately held preferred shares with detailed descriptions of their features; Ratings then ranks these shares and Income Trusts with ratings supplied by Dominion Bond Rating Service Limited (DBRS); and Derivatives provides a wealth of information in 4 distinct areas:

  • Preferred Securities, also called hybrid securities as they contain features of both debt and preferred shares, presented in a tabular format and also with detailed descriptions of their features.
  • Structured Products such as trusts created to hold a portfolio of a single or group of similar companies are presented with detailed descriptions of their features.
  • Income Trusts are presented in a tabular format with each entity listed alphabetically within their area of operations, such as oil and gas, real estate, etc. Details include the trading symbol, description of the assets held, number of units outstanding, and a recent closing price.
  • Warrants, which are publicly traded and outstanding, are listed by expiry date. A second table presents warrants alphabetically, by company. Subscription basis, exercise price, expiry date, stock exchange listings and trading symbol are all provided for each listed warrant.

This is a must-have resource for the professional investor and others exploring financial opportunities in Canada.