Health Guide Canada

Gain Access to Complete and Detailed Information on Canada's Health Services
Health Guide Canada offers a comprehensive overview of 99 chronic and mental illnesses, as well as associations, government agencies, libraries and resource centres, educational facilities, hospitals and publications specific to each illness.

Provides Important Features of each Illness and Service
Health Guide Canada includes easy-to-understand medical descriptions of each illness and detailed records of each service, including a description, address (including website, email address and social media links, if possible) and executives' names and titles, as well as a number of details specific to that type of organization.

Hospital facility records include information on specialties, number of beds, special facilities and areas served.

The directory also provides powerful indexes for subject, location, personal name and Web site/e-mail to assist researchers with locating the crucial information they need.

Health Guide Canada is a vital reference tool for healthcare professionals, health science libraries and schools, journalists and media professionals, and people with illnesses, their loved ones or caregivers looking for information on services available to them in their community and across the country.

Health Guide Canada online is cross-searchable with Grey House Publishing Canada's other best-selling directories. In addition, users also have the option to export much needed organization and contact information to easily generate contact or mailing lists at an additional cost.

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