Canada Info Desk

This is our all-encompassing Canadian online source that provides access to all 20 databases. And that means access to tens of thousands of cultural and professional organizations, government offices, law firms, banks, health and education facilities, libraries, and the media ranging from magazines to broadcasters. With CID you have access to over 100,000 contact names across Canada, too. All carefully indexed for easy productive search queries. No other on-line source covers the diverse array of Canadian information like Canada Info Desk. A virtual who's who and what's where in Canada.

This is our flagship book published since 1847 and its on line version available here is just as compelling and successful as the print with its remarkable wide range of listings covering everything from Airlines to Zoos. The Almanac & Directory subscription displays the major associations, law firms, libraries, government agencies- federal, provincial and municipal- and major financial institutions. Click Here to Learn More

Details on over 19,000 Canadian and International associations that represent industry, commercial and professional groups, registered charities and special interest groups. These organization and their 25,000 executives provide the inside track to a wealth of industry information making this robust database an important networking and career and business building resource. Click Here to Learn More

Explore almost 7,000 Canadian libraries, branches and information resource centres and archives with this one of a kind database. Special features in each library are noted along with personnel information, collection details and patron services information. Carefully indexed to highlight collection strengths this is a time saving resource for publishers, academics, and academic and historical researchers. Click Here to Learn More

Published since before Confederation, this is the most complete guide, providing comprehensive information and biographies on elected and appointed memeber in federal and provincial government. Containing the complete electoral history of Canada, Canadian Parliamentary Guide is an invaluable resource for journalists, academics, reference libraries, archives and anyone passionate about Canadian politics. Click Here to Learn More

Canada's most complete national online listing of organizations and governmental agencies that focus on this increasingly important topic. You'll find here the associations, Federal and Provincial and municipal government regulators, purchasing groups, special libraries, product & service companies as well as environmental contacts within the major Canadian companies and law firms. This is a rich resource of the groups and individuals whose focus is a long term, healthy Canadian environment. Click Here to Learn More

A comprehensive online tool for locating offices, people and programs within the Canadian political and governmental systems. The proprietary government index that is built into the on-line versions helps insure successful search results across more than 10,000 government listings and boards and over 25,000 names. These are contacts that can make all the difference when doing business and networking within government agencies. Click Here to Learn More

This remarkable database puts over 18,000 banks, law firms, accountants and financial institutions and over 30,000 executives at your fingertips. Once again the indexing built into the on-line database provides streamlined results. The wealth of contact information including emails and direct phone numbers can save hours of time and gets you to the right person the first time. The information needed for business building is just one click away. Click Here to Learn More

This acclaimed unique reference tool is your researcher's key to Canada's rich historical past right up to its dynamic present! All the information is presented in an accessible, easy-to-understand format that makes the past lively and interesting to any reader! From Canada’s first Native inhabitants to today’s diverse population, learning about Canada’s unique and rich history is just one click away. Click Here to Learn More

This is a highly accessible statistical resource that provides an in-depth comparison and analysis of 50 major cities across Canada. Instantly rank cities according to your preferences and make your own analytical tables with the data provided! A city profile for each location offers additional insights into the city to provide a sense of the location, its history, its recreational and cultural activities and its uniqueness in the spectrum of cities across Canada. Click Here to Learn More

Health Guide Canada offers a comprehensive overview of 99 chronic and mental illnesses, as well as associations, government agencies, libraries and resource centres, educational facilities, hospitals and publications specific to each illness. Health Guide Canada includes easy-to-understand medical descriptions of each illness and detailed records of each service, including a description, address (including website, email address and social media links, if possible) and executives' names and titles, as well as a number of details specific to that type of organization. Click Here to Learn More

This online resource offers access to 13,000 notable Canadians in all walks of life. Updated frequently to provide current and accurate information, this database is recognised as the standard reference source of contemporary Canadian biography. Click Here to Learn More

Careers & Employment Canada is a valuable reference tool to help job seekers and career explorers to gain an edge in today’s job market. Users gain access to thousands of resources that help you find jobs and discover the options available to you. Our online directory provides searchable, detailed records in a variety of areas, including Career & Employment Websites, Industry Associations, Sector Councils, Employers, Recruiters, Internships & Scholarships, Summer Jobs and Industry Directories. Click Here to Learn More

FPsurvey titles provide information on investment decisions, financial and operational details, and a comprehensive record of changes for Canadian public corporations. Together, these three titles supply the most up-to-date information on Canadian companies available in print.

FP Survey: Industrials

FP Survey: Mines & Energy

FP Survey: Predecessor & Defunct

FPbonds: Corporate features publicly and privately held debt securities, as well as debt issues and asset-backed securities from Canadian incorporated companies. FPbonds: Government lists outstanding publicly and privately held debt securities together with their features and provisions, issued by the Government of Canada, the provinces and selected federal and provincial agencies. FPequities: Preferreds & Derivatives provides solid information on companies operating in Canada's capital markets.

FP Bonds: Corporate

FP Bonds: Government

FP Equities: Preferreds & Derivatives

Financial Post Directory of Directors has been recognizing leading Canadian companies and their execs since 1931. Today, this title is one of the most comprehensive resources for hard-to-find Canadian business information, allowing readers to access roughly 16,000 executive contacts from Canada’s top 1,400 corporations. This prestigious title offers a definitive list of directorships and offices held by noteworthy Canadian business people. Click Here to Learn More

Cannabis Canada is a one-of-a-kind resource covering all aspects of this growing industry. Featuring in-depth directory listings and a wide-ranging collection of reports and statistics, you’ll find everything you need to know about this now-legal marketplace, including need-to-know international information. Click Here to Learn More